13 Common Eyebrow Mistakes

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They say eyebrows frame the face because they have a huge impact on the physical appearance. Surveys show, however, that most women aren't fully satisfied with the way their brows look. If you are one of them, go on reading. In a moment you'll find out what the most common eyebrow mistakes are, and how to avoid them.

Why is having good-looking brows so important?

There are many elements determining the way the face looks, eyebrows being one of the most important. Makeup stylists say that the weird-shaped brows make us look bad, often even older than we really are. Nourished, neat and shaped, eyebrows balance a look, take years off the face and even fix the problem of droopy eyelids. What are the best brow treatments? What things should be avoided to help brows look their best?

Common Eyebrow Mistakes

1. You don't take care of brows

Almost a classic example and the most common mistake is this: complete negligence of brow needs. If you leave the eyebrows without any support, don't supply them with nutrients, stop removing excessive hairs - don't be surprised when they start getting weaker and falling out. In the worst case scenario, ignoring the needs of eyebrows may inhibit growth of new hairs.

A bordered statement: Brow care is as important as skin care or hair care. After all, brows are hairs too, so why wouldn't you take care of them the same way you care for the hair growing on your head? Nourish them regularly with a good quality eyebrow serum, rich in plant extracts. This way your eyebrows will grow strong and fuller-looking.

2. You use wrong brow products

Have you made up your mind and started caring for the brows? That's great! It's worth realizing though that the beauty products you apply to the brows may either speed up growth, or cause thinning. Home treatments such as milk or egg yolk are said to improve the appearance of brows, yet their effectiveness is doubtful. They may help the brows look better, but don't count on the long-lasting effects. Alternatives? Have a go at specially designed products for eyebrows. They are wired to deliver promised results quickly. Choose such products mindfully, checking out the reviews and analyzing the list of ingredients. Applying plant oils to eyebrows may also be a good idea, especially when used as a complementary treatment.

3. You don't use an eyebrow serum

While talking about eyebrow serums, the rule of thumb is that it's better to put the trust in well-known brands, choosing professional brow care products. The good news is that once you manage to find the right serum that satisfies the needs of your eyebrows, you won't need other brow conditioners! If your eyebrows seem to be thin, sparse and reluctant to grow, have a go at the only rightful treatment that deals with all common eyebrow problems at once.

4. You vigorously rub the brows while removing makeup

Eyebrows are gentle, thus not good at resisting mechanical damage. Knowing that, treat them with care. Stop pressing a cotton pad too hard to the brows while removing makeup, as you may break the hairs, or even pull them out. Also, use a good quality makeup remover that helps you take the color cosmetics off, without intensive rubbing. It's a good idea to find an eye makeup remover formulated with extra nourishing agents targeting weak lashes and brows.

5. You apply brow products incorrectly

Do you apply beauty products without reading the instructions for use? Many people tend to do that, wondering why the cosmetic doesn't work. It also happens that beauty products are used far more often than instructed on the packaging - that's an overkill. Just look: there is no need to apply an eyebrow serum more often than once a day. You won't make the hairs grow faster by increasing the number of applications per day. The rules are simple. Stick to the instructions provided on the packaging, and soon the brows will look better.

A bordered statement: Remember! Don't experiment with brow products. Don't try out every single recipe for DIY beauty products you find online. Focus just on one, two products tops. This can be a plant oil and a serum, for example. Apply them regularly, following the instructions religiously. It won't take you long to see the difference - your patience and consistency will be rewarded.

6. You don't protect the brows from aggressors

Did you know that brows can get brighter due to the sun exposure? They also get weaker because of low temperatures and dry air. It's worth realizing that eyebrows are hair, and need protection to grow and remain good-looking. The next time you reach for a UV protection face mist, don't forget to apply a portion to the brows. On sunny days, wear a floppy hat to shield your skin, hair, lashes and brows against the negative effects of UV.

7. You forget to take makeup off

Does it often happen that, after a long and exhausting day at work, you return home and lay yourself in bed without removing makeup? That's a big mistake. Letting colorful cosmetics sit on the face as you sleep results in clogged pores and follicle outlets. This often makes brows weaker, and causes thinning.

8. You're not systematic

Have you bought vitamins for stunning brows and hair, but you keep forgetting to take them? Or perhaps you got yourself a brow serum but use it once every few days? Bear in mind that being systematic and consistent in applying brow products is the only way to make them look better. Here's a tip for you: put your eyebrow serum on a bedside table, near the hand cream. This way you won't forget to apply it.

9. You don't use plant oils for brows

Everybody knows hair oil treatment and its benefits for hair. But have you heard about applying plant oils to brows? This is a marvelous way to deliver nutrients and provide protection. Plant oils are proven to strengthen follicles, and supply eyebrows with the essential fatty acids and vitamins, required for improved appearance. Castor oil seems to be the most popular plant oil for brow treatments, but you can also make a good use of other cold-pressed and unrefined oils extracted from seeds and kernels. Just put a chosen oil on the brows once a day. You can use a q-tip or clean mascara brush for that.

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10. You don't massage the brows

That's not a joke! Giving eyebrows a massage regularly boosts blood circulation. To do so, you can simply use a clean mascara brush or try brow pinching. The aim of this treatment is to relax the face muscles, reduce the appearance of forehead wrinkles, and strengthen the brow follicles. 

11. You don't exfoliate brows

Did you know that brows need to be cleansed regularly? Applying a scrub to the eyebrows, you remove dead skin cells and improve circulation that affects the hair growth positively. When the skin is perfectly clean, it absorbs active substances quicker and transports them deeper. You can go for ready-made brow scrubs, enriched with nutrients. 

12. You don't supply the brows with nutrients

The food you eat has an immense influence on the way the lashes and brows look. If you notice the hair getting weaker, immediately introduce more nutrient-rich products to your daily menu. You should supply your body with vitamin B, zinc, iron, magnesium and biotin, silicon, sulfur, copper and calcium.

13. You use a regular remover for waterproof makeup

Waterproof makeup products are irreplaceable if you swim, work out or simply need to take a walk in the rain. The thing is that they need to be removed with specially designed cosmetics for waterproof products. Sadly, regular makeup removers aren't good at freeing your face, including brows, from waterproof products. Using a regular micellar lotion and pressing the cotton pad hard to the brows to remove waterproof shades won't do much, except break the hairs and pull them out.

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