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Brow makeup for warm and cool skin undertones

Why is it helpful to know your undertone?

The secret to perfect brow makeup is not only good quality cosmetics but also a well-suited colour scheme that matches your complexion and skin type. How to identify your undertone and choose the right brow products? Are you warm, cool or neutral? Let's find out!

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Brow Make-Up Trends

brow trends according to experts

The brow look and make-up trends keep changing. Some of them are quite untypical. If you like to stay updated with the latest beauty fads, then keep reading - check out the hottest brow make-up trends. Will you get inspired?

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How to Get Fuller, Thicker Brows? Best Methods for Eyebrow Growth

What helps eyebrows grow?

Are your brows thin and sparse? You're waiting for them to grow back but nothing's changed for many months? Many women complain about attempts to regrow their brow hair for years. 'Why won't my brows grow back?' is one of the top questions at beauty salons. Can you make them grow faster? Learn how to grow fuller brows quickly - read on for the best methods.

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13 Common Eyebrow Mistakes

13 Common Eyebrow Mistakes

They say eyebrows frame the face because they have a huge impact on the physical appearance. Surveys show, however, that most women aren't fully satisfied with the way their brows look. If you are one of them, go on reading. In a moment you'll find out what the most common eyebrow mistakes are, and how to avoid them.

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Removing Eyebrow Make-Up - Must-Know Facts & Tips

What happens if you don't remove eyebrow makeup?

Removing make-up from face, eyes and brows is an essential stage of daily beauty routine. We must always remember to fully cleanse the face before sleep. By doing so, we prevent wrinkles, imperfections and inflamed skin. When products and oils build up on the brows, they get worse: thin, dry, dull. By reading on, you'll learn the secret to the perfect eyebrow make-up removal.

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Ombre Brows. How to Create the Effect Easily?

How To Get Ombré Powder Brows With Makeup

Ombre - colors progressing from light to dark - is the hottest trend in brow make-up. Such a shading technique allows us to create natural-looking and lovely arches. Do you know how to get the most popular brows from Instagram? Keep reading for the easiest recipe - learn how to apply ombre brow make-up step by step.

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Eyebrow Trends and Styles

What type of brow is currently on trend?

Brow make-up needs good preparation. How to shape the brows to make them look their best? Do you know the latest brow trends? Check out the hottest and most shocking ones! Which style will you pick?

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Brow Make-Up Tricks

easy eyebrow makeup hack

Eyebrow definition is an essential element of make-up. Do you sometimes struggle to do your brows? See the best tricks that will get you the most fabulous arches easily. Keep reading for the life-saving brow make-up hacks - used by make-up artists too.

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Eyebrow Mapping: How to Sculpt Perfect Arches?

types of eyebrows for different face shapes

A beautiful face needs perfect brows, period. The key thing is they have the shape that goes with the facial features. Only then you can do or tint your brows and achieve desired effects. That's why brow mapping is extremely important. Do you want to know how to do it properly? Can you do it easily at home? How to shape the brows? Read our guide.

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How to Tint Brows at Home? Learn How to Apply Henna Dye

henna eyebrow dye effects

Are your brows light-colored and barely noticeable? Go for brow tinting! It's a brilliant way to enhance the brows and add color. The process takes just around ten minutes while the effect can last for up to four weeks! Henna dyes can darken the hairs by a few tones, which adds definition to the face. How to tint brows at home? You will do it easily following our step-by-step guide!

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HOT TREND: soap brows

What kind of soap do you use for soap brows?

Have you ever heard about soap brows? Although it sounds surprising, soap brows is a top trend in eyebrow styling. Get to know the SOAP BROWS effect and find out which soap to choose for perfectly styled and natural-looking eyebrows.

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Brow Lamination: What It Is and How to Do It Step by Step

Is brow lamination worth it?

Brow lamination is an extremely popular brow styling treatment. People all over the world have gone crazy about it and we're not surprised: brow lamination allows us to tame the unruly hairs and keep them in place for many weeks. The treatment gives the desired brow shape which looks natural and goes in tune with the hottest trends on Instagram like #nomakeup, #browshaping or #browlift. What does brow lamination involve? How to do it at home? Learn how to get perfect brows!

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10 Most Common Brow Make-Up and Grooming Mistakes

How do you style perfect eyebrows?

Brow make-up mistakes are very common. We also tend to skip proper eyebrow care or do our brows leaving them looking unnatural. As it usually happens, it takes a long time before we realize the mistakes we're making. Therefore, we encourage you to read about the most popular brow mistakes - make sure you don't make them and learn how to avoid them in the future!

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The Best Eyebrow Makeup For Thin And Sparse Brows?

best eyebrow filler

Perfectly proportioned, bold and strongly defined eyebrows are still a top makeup trend. No wonder: thick eyebrows make your face look younger. That's why the 80s and 90s fashion for thin eyebrows has become a thing of the past. However, many women, after months of plucking their eyebrows in the name of old trends, now struggle with growing thick and lush eyebrows. Are your natural eyebrows sparse and almost invisible? No more! Use makeup tricks and learn the best makeup techniques for thin brows.

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How to Rock Thick, Bushy Brows?

How to Fix Bushy Eyebrows

Thick, natural-looking, a bit messy brows have been the hottest brow trend for a long time. You're lucky if yours are dense and bushy - you don't need to put in much effort to style them. Merely enhancing them with some make-up will do. However, what if brows get unmanageable and stick out? Brushing them with a spoolie may not be enough. It's good to get the right products to create perfect shape and make it stay. Keep reading to find out how to tame thick brows!

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Sparse Areas in Brows: How to Fix Them?

Why are parts of my eyebrows missing?

Are your brows naturally dense and shapely but have started to thin recently? Are there gaps in the arches? Patchy brows are the unwanted beauty flaw, not adding to attractiveness, for sure. Thankfully, there are ways to camouflage them - either with make-up or some more invasive procedures. Keep reading to learn how to hide the gaps in the brows.

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Brow Shaping Step By Step. Tweezers, Thread, Or Wax?

How do I find my brow shape?

How to pluck your brows to make them look fashionable but also match your features and your face shape? How to do it and which method should you choose to ensure you don't end up in tears? Is it best to choose tweezers, thread, or maybe wax to shape your eyebrows? Here's our guide to brow styling and shaping!

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Eyebrow Trimming - Is It Worth It And How It Is Done?

Is it good to trim your eyebrows?

Perfectly-shaped eyebrows add harmony to the whole face. That's why we are so eager to provide them with a nice shape. There are many methods of eyebrow trimming. One popular trend is to trim them with an eyebrow razor, electric or manual. Are you familiar with this tool? Here, we will explain what a brow razor is, how to use it, and if it can really replace tweezers?

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All About Eyebrow Piercing

Is an eyebrow piercing trendy?

Body adornment is still very trendy and eyebrow ring is one of the most popular piercing forms. Brow piercing seems uncomplicated, so we sometimes decide to have the procedure in spur-of-the-moment. However, it is important to remember that any form of piercing causes interference with our bodies. Therefore, it is good to learn about contraindications to the procedure, piercing types, and recommendations for piercing aftercare.

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Ways to eliminate droopy eyebrows

Makeup for drooping eyelids

Droopy eyebrows are a common symptom of ageing of the skin which loses its elasticity and flexibility with time. Saggy eyebrows usually go hand in hand with droopy eyelids, forming a visible skin fold that isn't too aesthetically pleasing. Fortunately, there are many ways to deal with drooping brows. Learn more about them! 

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Eyebrow Scar - How To Cover It Up?

Do eyebrows grow back on scars?

Face scars, especially the ones on the eyebrows, are very eye-catching, as they are often accompanied by hair loss in this area. Is it possible to cover up or get rid of an, eyebrow scar? Sometimes the only way is to remove it by laser or surgery. But there are also natural ways to reduce scars. Learn about special makeup tricks and ways to get rid of scars.

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Your Guide To Using Eyebrow Pomade

How do you use brow pomade for natural look?

Eyebrow pomade is the hottest makeup trend lately! This unique cosmetic allows you to achieve unique effects, impossible to get with mascara or eyebrow pencil. Do you want to start using brow pomade but you're not sure how to do it correctly? Do you dream of perfectly defined eyebrows? Learn the best brow makeup method - our guide reveals the secret of perfect makeup with eyebrow pomade!

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